Securities and Structured Finance


Selendy & Gay has broad, deep experience in all levels of securities and structured finance litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants.

We have litigated to verdict or settlement many of the highest-stakes cases in the history of the field, establishing key precedents in the securities laws and winning landmark victories that include recoveries in excess of 100% of principal and market losses. Our recoveries total over $35 billion. On the defense side, we frequently succeed in having claims dismissed early or in negotiating favorable resolutions for our clients.

Our subject-matter mastery in structured finance and related insurance matters includes mortgage-backed obligations, synthetic and asset-backed collateralized debt obligations, credit-default swaps, credit-linked notes, financial guaranty insurance, reinsurance, and other complex financial structures. We work closely with clients, experts, and other firms to achieve results targeted to each client’s specific needs.

Selendy & Gay’s approach to litigating securities and structured finance litigation is always state-of-the-art, backed by extraordinary levels of analytical due diligence and a focus on trial-readiness that has been proven to yield optimal outcomes. We seek to establish immediate wins for our clients by narrowing the issues for trial, including through innovative approaches to discovery (such as through the use of statistical sampling in cases involving voluminous evidence) and targeted motions for partial summary judgment that can dismantle our opponent’s best defenses before trial even begins.

On the plaintiff side, we have litigated and won large recoveries against virtually every major investment bank (including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Nomura, and others) on behalf of a range of public and private plaintiffs. On the defense side, we approach our cases with the same level of aggressiveness, often turning a defendant into a counterclaim plaintiff and putting our adversaries on the defensive. Because of our extensive experience, we excel at anticipating legal maneuvers and staying several moves ahead.

Our experience, and history of success, is such that our adversaries know that when we bring or defend a case, we have been preparing since the first day to take the case to trial. Although most lawsuits are never tried to verdict, we are one of the few firms to have tried multiple structured finance actions to a final judgment, and our willingness to take such cases to trial meaningfully increases our ability to obtain favorable settlements for our clients.