National Law Journal Names David Elsberg & Jennifer Selendy “Elite Boutique Trailblazers”

Selendy & Gay managing partners David Elsberg and Jennifer Selendy have been honored as “Elite Boutique Trailblazers” by the National Law Journal.

In forming Selendy & Gay, Elsberg, Selendy and their co-founders sought to correct the deficiencies they saw during their years at large international firms. “Sometimes, trying to be all things to all clients causes bigger firms to impact their legal excellence,” Selendy said. “We focus on making growth consistent with our values.”

NLJ also praised the firm’s unique processes and mechanisms, including its blind recruiting tactics and greater than average diversity numbers. “We are making decisions on criteria and value that are important to us and not for other reasons,” Elsberg explained. “Our diversity is a consequence of that.” Selendy echoed the sentiment, stating the firm has “no quota or target for diversity,” though over 50% of the firm’s equity partners are women (the national BigLaw average is 19%), 30% of associates identify as people of color, and 21% of attorneys identify as LGBTQ.

Read the full interview in NLJ’s “Elite Boutique Trailblazers.”